Four incredible benefits of coconut


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Four incredible benefits of coconut

Coconuts are renowned for their hydrating, refreshing qualities, beneficial to all areas - our skin, hair, and insides. The best part is that coconut can be consumed in so many different ways, and promotes many incredible health benefits through small regular consumption.


With whole coconuts, inside you’ll find the raw white meat and a little fresh coconut water. The raw white meat is firm and slightly sweet, and can be scraped out and consumed. However you’ll also find this white meat in it’s processed form, such as sliced or shaved (as seen in our coconut crunch product).

Coconut milk is produced through pressing the meat and has a creamy and nutty flavour, great for curries, soups, and smoothies!

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat. Virgin coconut oil uses fresh meat, whilst refined coconut oil will use copra (dried coconut meat). One of the most significant differences between the two is the taste, virgin coconut oil has a stronger coconut scent and taste, and refined obtains a more neutral scent and flavour. Our Coconut Oil With Turmeric Mixture is a perfect mix to provide you with great health benefits.



We’ve all heard that ‘Coconut is a healthy fat’, and that’s completely true! But what other nutrients do coconuts contain that are super beneficial to our nutritional health?

They’re especially high in Manganese, which is essential for bone health and macronutrient breakdown. As well as this, coconuts are rich in copper and iron, supporting the formation of red blood cells.


Coconut oil contains more than 90% of saturated fats, which increase HDL - this is the ‘good’ cholesterol. These fats may also help to turn LDL - the ‘bad’ cholesterol, into a less harmful form.


Products that contain coconut oils are great for your skin, due to it’s hydrating and moisturising benefits. These products are especially beneficial to people with skin conditions such as eczema, as it can also reduce inflammation and contains antibacterial properties.


Leaving coconut oil in your hair as a hair mask can help to moisturise your hair, preventing a dry and flaky scalp, as well as hair breakage. Coconut oil is said to penetrate the scalp and hair much better than ordinary mineral oils, however this may be dependent on hair types, but it is worth a try!

Coconut is an all-round advantageous food that can help support our health inside and out. Whether you decide to consume your coconut raw, dried, or pressed, a small, appropriate portion per day is likely to provide you with long term health benefits! 

Try our deliciously creative coconut products:

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