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Food is Medicine

How does the food you eat affect your gut?

Trillions of bacteria and fungi live inside us, and together they form the gut microbiome, which is the ecosystem that performs variety of functions in body. The gut has many roles: it breaks down food body can’t digest, produces important nutrients, regulates the immune system, and protects against harmful germs. We don’t know exactly what […]


August 22, 2022

Drinks & smoothies

A happy tummy equals a happy me

I don’t like the taste of the herb teas on the market, even the ones claiming to be made with organic produce. I have always struggled to find flavours which work well together and actually most teas end up tasting the same or are too sharp or sweet or do not taste of anything at […]


9 March

I like this!

Turmeric Mixture – it really is magic!

I have suffered with an intolerance to dairy and wheat gluten for about 17 years and have had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since my late teens. If you know my story, you will know that I began to explore how I could manage and treat myself using alternative remedies and also food.  IBS can be […]


9 March

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