Hello, I’m Meera

About 20 years ago I realised I was gluten and dairy intolerant, so something had to change. And so began my journey of discovery into food, health and wellbeing – a journey I urge you to take with me.



The best place to get organic broth and kefir together with ‘sweet treats’ that are healthy, organic and naturally sweetened. Highly recommend Meera’s Made from Scratch ❤️

Sharon Downs Avatar Sharon Downs
16 November

Both the soups I ordered winter warmer and roasted tomato are awesome in taste. Will highly recommend. Thanks Neha for introducing.

Sonal Solanki Avatar Sonal Solanki
16 May

I would highly recommend Meera’s made from scratch for anyone looking for organic, healthy, nourishing and delicious food. I feel every cell of my body being nourished whilst drinking her bone broth. I’m going through peri menopause and I sleep better after having the menopause flash dance tea. All her food and products are nourishing for the body and soul

Gurleen Kohli Avatar Gurleen Kohli
16 February

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