About Meera

About Meera

20 years ago I suffered with severe migraines along with painful and debilitating bloating, which would often have me bed ridden for days at a time. With two young children, a nursery and a household to run, I couldn’t afford to be so ill. It was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting.

Like the majority of us, I went to the doctors who continued to prescribe me very strong pain killers and I wasn’t quite sure of the purpose or reason for taking these – but, I trusted the process and kept going.

I felt drowsy, sick and sometimes, worse with the medication. Something had to change.

I decided to try Homeopathy, which helped over time and I started to monitor my lifestyle and routine around each painful episode. The patterns were striking and I found that my consumption of dairy and wheat was followed by a migraine and extremely painful stomach aches. The doctors had previously told me to eat lots of bran on a daily basis, so this was a big surprise! But, I had nothing to lose – I cut out dairy and wheat. Over the next coming weeks, I experienced very few if any migraines at all and not one painful stomach ache! Problem solved!

However, I was equally terrified. What on earth can I eat if I don’t have dairy or wheat? At the time, they made up the majority of my meals and whilst trying to ‘cut them out’ I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hungry.

I wondered:

As you can imagine, this was a very stressful time and 20 years ago, there was very little information or understanding (and empathy) of gluten and dairy intolerances. My mum continued to make food for me with butter and milk, thinking it would help, and my friends thought it was a phase!

My kitchen of discovery

I took matters into my own hands. I’m an optimist and believed there had to be a solution – little did I realise the solution was at the heart of my home – my kitchen!

I come from a family of cookery lovers so experimenting with different ingredients in the kitchen excited me. I’m a lifelong learner, so whilst experimenting I was reading, researching, talking to anyone and everyone who might know a little bit more about the nutritional value of different ingredients. My nursery is one of my greatest blessings and my allergies led me to supporting children with suspected allergies. I introduced an allergy friendly menu to the nursery in 2003 and continued to make nutritious and wholesome meals for my family at home.

I am and always have been conscious of time – we are busy people and life just keeps getting busier! Food needed to be cooked and prepped in less than 30 minutes – a key aim when experimenting in the kitchen! I love batch cooking and over the years I have become a firm believer that absolutely everyone can make and design food to suit their lifestyles and needs – And thus, Meera’s Made From Scratch was born!

The recipes are all nutritionally analyzed so people; personal trainers, lifestyle coaches and everybody, can use them to build up a meal plan. My recipes and approach is to make it fun, quick and easy to get back into the kitchen to create meals where we are in control of what we are eating.

Why am I so different?

Good health and my recipes are for families as well as busy working couples and individuals and across all ages. Knowledge is key to change and empowerment. With knowledge we can make the changes we need to take control back of our own health and well being. Especially in the world we live in where information is so readily available and can and is so confusing and contradictory.

Let’s go back to a sensible approach and back to basics where food is Made from Scratch.

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