Work With Me

Work With Me

I have 20 years personal experience in using food and exercise to support optimal health. In the past 4 years, I have focused on supporting women, men, teenagers and families in making long term sustainable changes to improve health and fitness.

Educating my clients on their bespoke meal plans and throughout every step of their individual journey helps my clients to focus and stay on track. I also provide a range of nutritious products which are made in our Made From Scratch kitchen to help with making these changes easier. My products cater to those with special diets; those suffering with IBS and digestive issues, hormonal balance, thyroid issues, diabetes, inflammation, weight loss and fat loss.

My current projects include Menopause in the workplace: providing support for menopausal women within the workplace,, Camden Council Talk, and I am currently involved in a global wellness project for research in menopause.

Food really can be medicine if we ensure we are covering the other foundations stones to support it to do it’s work.

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