Starting From Scratch monthly cooking subscription boxes

Starting From Scratch monthly cooking subscription boxes

We’re so excited to bring you our Starting From Scratch monthly cooking subscription boxes. Fuelling your little one’s creativity and love of cooking by teaching them all about ingredients and recipes from around the world delivered to your door!

Food, glorious food!

We want to teach kids to celebrate and enjoy all different types of ingredients! Every month you will find a variety of new and interesting ingredients in your boxes, with recipes to teach your little ones how to use different ingredients, combine flavours and create a scrumptious treat every time!

Taste the rainbow… of the world!

Every month, your SFS cook along box will contain a recipe from around the world. It will be nutritiously wholesome, easy and ever so tasty to cook with your little one! You will be expanding their taste buds by introducing them to wonderful recipes from around the world!

Creativity and fun are key!

Every box will contain creative and informative bits and pieces to keep your little one entertained throughout their cooking experience. Once you’ve devoured your tasty treats, they can continue their learning journey with lots of fun activities, all tailored to complement the EYFS curriculum – perfect for a lovely afternoon together!

Simply fill in the contact form and we’ll let you know when they are available.

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