Turmeric Mixture – it really is magic!


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Turmeric Mixture – it really is magic!

I have suffered with an intolerance to dairy and wheat gluten for about 17 years and have had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since my late teens. If you know my story, you will know that I began to explore how I could manage and treat myself using alternative remedies and also food. 

IBS can be debilitating as it leads to, not only bloating and digestive issues but also migraines, tiredness and high levels of sickness; colds, flu, sore throat. IBS also began to manifested itself as in stiffness in my joints which I associated instantly with arthritis. So in a way I was right; it was inflammation but I had not associated this as a follow on or a ongoing roll on effect of inflammation throughout my body. I didn't realise at the time that what I was actually suffering from was poor gut health, which was mainly due to eating the wrong foods. Now again most people say I'm super healthy and I thought I was too,  but what I didn't appreciate was that no matter how healthy I thought I was being, if I was using rubbish products, even those marked as wholesome, I was still putting unwanted pesticides and chemicals into my body. So this past year I have been exploring using high quality products to make my own blends and mixtures to help ease my symptoms.

The turmeric mixture is a the result of this exploration. I ditched the turmeric capsules, mainly because of the plastic holding the powder together- what's the point of putting good turmeric in when you are placing extra stress on your body expecting it to deal with the plastic of the capsule!! I mixed my own blend with lots of spices that help support the immune system and thus reduce inflammation. 

I have been taking this regularly now for about 6 months and the difference is life changing. I am able to increase the dosage if my symptoms increase and then just take one dose a day in almond or oat milk before bed as a maintenance dose.

If you have tried my tea please leave me your thoughts.
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What can our DNA tell us? 🧬

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20+ recipes to kickstart your nutrition programme
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1 weekly yoga and meditation session
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