3 simple summer teas


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3 simple summer teas

Iced teas are a perfect summer beverage to keep you cool and hydrated, and to keep your tastebuds satisfied. Our hand blended herbal teas can be consumed hot or cold, whatever the weather.

And the best thing about these summer teas? There’s only 3 ingredients!

Hot Water

We love to keep things simple here, so if you’re looking for easy, effortless and valuable recipes and products, you’re on the right site!


  1. Place one tea bag in a cup
  2. Pour boiling water over the tea bag and allow to infuse for 5 minutes
  3. Remove the tea bag, and allow it to cool to room temperature, before placing it in the fridge, or add ice cubes to enjoy straight away!


Let’s start with the basics, you can’t go wrong with a lemon iced tea.

Our Herbal Blend, ‘When Life Gives You Lemons’, is super refreshing and revitalising, a perfect pick-me-up recipe for the mornings.


Organic lemon peel, organic moringa, ginger, organic lemongrass, organic cinnamon, star anise, organic black peppercorns

About this Product:

In the morning, on my way back from my Ashtanga practice, I used to sip on hot water infused with fresh ginger and lemon. Whilst I loved the soothing and refreshing qualities of this, I wanted something that would give me a little bit more of a pick-me-up, without having caffeine. I created this tea for that exact purpose. The tea replicates the zinginess of the lemons and the warmth of the ginger, whilst the moringa stimulates mental alertness, as well as being good for inflammation and digestion.


The rose flavour is usually an acquired taste, however it’s unmistakable floral scent and flavour is delightfully refreshing.

Our Herbal Blend ‘A Rose By Any Other Name’ supports hormonal balance and helps to reduce anxiety and stress.


Rose petals, organic tulsi, organic moringa, organic white mulberry leaf, liquorice juice stick, organic nettles, vanilla

About this Product:

I created this tea for those times when I feel like my body and mind have been taken over by aliens; my hormones are out of control, my brain is overthinking things, and I just need a sense of serenity and stillness. This tea has an earthy flavour with hints of sweetness from the vanilla, rose and liquorice. It has been designed especially for women; for those times when we feel out of balance and our hormones seem to be ruling our body and mind. The blend of ingredients are a mixture of those used to help reduce inflammation, anxiety and stress, boost immunity and good mood, and to support healthy hormone balance.


Moringa is a plant, which is often called the drumstick tree, or better, the miracle tree. The moringa plant adopts various healing benefits and medical properties, and contains healthful proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

Our Herbal Blend ‘Menopause Flash Dance’ contains a mixture of herbs which aim to alleviate symptoms of menopause, and rebalance hormones.


Organic moringa, organic sage, organic marjoram, organic tulsi, organic rosemary

About this Product:

Going through menopause seems to be a very individual journey for each woman, however there are some common symptoms with varying degrees. My personal journey has been about specific stages and moments, as opposed to a long and never-ending phase. I’ve experienced hot flushes, night sweats, aches and pains, joint stiffness, sleep deprivation, cloudy thoughts, phantom periods, mood swings, hair loss, dehydrated skin and panic attacks. 

I created this tea to help towards alleviating some of these symptoms which can be so disruptive to daily life. The mixture of herbs balances hormones and provides a general sense of calm.

If you’re a lover of tea, or you’re looking for a herbal creation to calm, cleanse, rebalance, energise, or protect your mind and body, we have a herbal blend to help you. Browse through 11 unique infusions to find the perfect tea to enjoy, warm or iced!

Browse our herbal teas here.

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