Activated nuts and seeds


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Activated nuts and seeds

Have you encountered our ‘Activated Food’ product page, and were wondering what the term ‘activated’ means?

It’s simpler than it seems… 

What is the purpose of activating nuts?

The activation occurs when the nuts & seeds are soaked in a salt solution, which stimulates the germination and sprouting process. This process allows the nut & seed to become more easily digestible, gentler on our gut, and easier for their nutrients to be absorbed.

Raw nuts contain phytic acid, which is an anti-nutrient due to it's impairing effects on the absorption of iron, zinc, and calcium.They can sometimes cause an upset stomach, as the raw nuts’ outer layer can be corrosive to our gut lining. 

Why do we activate our nuts?

For us nutrition is paramount and so we ensure every single product is nutritious down to the nuts and seeds we use being activated. 

How do we activate our nuts?

Each nut and seed requires a slightly different time for activation. It can range from 24 hours to 8. We soak the nut or seed in filtered water with Himalayan salt- again the amount varies.

We change the water in the brewer too, and then rinse it thoroughly to remove the scum and dirt. The nuts are then put in the dehydrator to crop them up again (for anything from 24-36 hours).

We use these nuts to make our flour for biscuits and cakes and to  nut butters as well as all our products. 

Are activated nuts beneficial to anyone in particular?

Particularly if you have IBS, Chron’s or any gut or hormone issue. But really, we believe that activated foods will benefit everyone, through avoiding unnecessary inflammation and gut health issues. 

At Meera’s Made From Scratch, our aim is to provide nutritionally dense, wholesome foods that are full of flavour. So, whether you’re on a plant-based diet, and rely on nuts & seeds as a source of protein, or you’re keen on fueling your body with whole foods that are packed with the good stuff, try our Activated Nuts & Seeds range!

Our Activated Nuts & Seeds products range from Pecans and Hemp Seeds, to Hazelnut & Cacao Butter, to Almond Milk!

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