Four great things to eat during menopause


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Four great things to eat during menopause

One of the main things that can affect women during the menopause is their food. With hormones changing, our reactions to food can change too. Women often feel bloated, lethargic, or they feel like they're putting on weight. The menopause can lead to changes in your dietary needs and it’s important for you to know this doesn’t mean you need to be scared of food or restrict your diet either.

Here at Meera’s Made from Scratch, all of our food products are made with wholesome ingredients, combined for full nutritional value and density. Below are  four delicious products we highly recommend for women going through the menopause:

Caveman wraps

Our Caveman Wraps are easy to digest, made with chia and flaxseeds and complete amino acids. We love our range of wraps because they are a really versatile way to excite any mealtime. They can be used as an open wrap, topped with your favourite ingredients, or rolled with your desired fillings. This wrap tastes delicious with a bit of our Organic Pesto, fresh tomatoes and sauerkraut.

Bone broth

The holy grail of collagen! Many women tell us they feel their skin, hair, and self-care suffering when they hit the menopause. Well, a key reason for that is collagen reduction during this time. Our Bone Broth can help – it is the glue that holds us together!

We have refined our recipe and technique for cooking this broth to maximise the collagen and nutritional properties. We use filtered water and ceramic coated vessels to cook the broth, ensuring that there is no chemical contamination during cooking. We source our carcasses from trusted suppliers with good animal husbandry. It really is heaven in a cup and the remedy you need to soothe your body!

Activated organic pumpkin seeds

These are a great snack and a must have to maximise collagen absorption and production. They make the perfect accompaniment to our bone broth and are such a tasty little snack to keep around the house or in your bag on the go!

Raw cacao bar: sour cherry

At Meera’s Made from Scratch, we love our sweet stuff and these sour cherry raw cacao bars are everything you need to satisfy those sweet cravings!

Like Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut, only better! The idea behind making our own chocolate was to keep the nutritional value of cacao without losing the flavour or adding unnecessary sugars. These are high in anti-oxidants, natural melatonin and just the right amount of sweetness – we know you’ll love them!

There are so many great products to choose from and all of our products are made with health and wellbeing in mind. Order your favourites today!

It’s Organic September!

What is this?
A campaign to increase awareness of the value of organic foods and farming.

What are the benefits?
🌽 Supporting biodiversity and wildlife
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🌽 Wholesome foods that you can trust

What do we stand for?
🌾 Dairy and gluten free ingredients and recipes are our version of ‘bread and butter’! Our founder, @Meerabhogal, started Meera’s Made from Scratch with the vision to nurture a community of people who have dairy and gluten allergies and intolerances. Our aim is to provide nutritious and wholesome food that is full of flavour and perfect for you, your family and friends.

🌿 Wholesome, good quality food is our ethos. We truly believe in the mantra, ‘your body is a temple’ and we aim to nurture your bodies with the best organically sourced ingredients. We use organic meat from organic farms and we are transparent about where your food comes from. Where we can, we always aim to shop local too and use fresh organic produce from local suppliers and farms.

🌍 We love our planet and our aim is for all of our work to nurture our planet too – after all, we have a duty to care for the home we all inhabit. All of our packaging is either compostable, recyclable or reusable and the majority of it is made from plant-based materials too. We do not use any plastic in our products or packaging.

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