6 powerful spice blends


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6 powerful spice blends

Having our premixed spice blends on hand will save you so much time and hassle in the kitchen, and will bring your dishes to life! 

These spice blends can be used for any type of dish, whether that’s a homemade curry, soup, any type of poultry or fish, or to simply spice up your roasted veggies.


We have carefully chosen a selection of spices which work in harmony with each other and they have been dry roasted to bring out maximum flavour. A must for anyone who enjoys Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine! Meera uses this mostly in chicken and lamb dishes but it works really well even used in a tray bake rubbed into the veggies with some garlic.


We love Chinese flavours and food. Our spices have no added fillers or preservatives so the flavours are not dampened down in any way. Meera loves using this on chicken thighs and simply roasting them in the oven.


This Caribbean spice blend brings a little bit of sunshine into your meals! Meera loves using this spice blend with salmon, chicken or even tofu and combining it with cauliflower rice and peas!


This is a staple in Meera’s house and we use it to cook so many dishes. We love the combination which works together to compliment each spice, rather than masking each other’s flavours.


Meera uses this blend to create a dry rub with garlic and ginger. It can be used in curries and also works with most meats, fish and vegetarian proteins. The flavours are delicate yet powerful enough to create a real symphony when you bite into your food. This is what tandoori masala should taste and look like. We have combined beautiful authentic spices which are dry roasted and blended. No artificial colours or flavours!


Umami is the name for the savoury taste we associate with things like mushrooms or meat. We have selected vegetables, herbs and spices to create a perfect savoury tasting bouillon, with the added bonus of excellent nutrition all in a powder form which can be added to soups, sauces, eggs, marinades and anything else really! Boost your nutrients by adding a teaspoon to your food.

Browse through all of our ready made pates, sauces & spice blends here.

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A wonderfully satisfying salad, with the most perfect combination of ingredients! And, definitely looks like a plate of sunshine ☀️

This salad contains roasted patty pan, tomatoes, onions,
and garlic on a bed of rocket, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

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Perfectly wrapped with love ❤️

Nothing shows love like a box of yummy treats!

What's Included:
Pink Pitaya
Pistachio & Chocolate bars
Date & Nut roll
Coconut & Cashew Energy Balls

Delivery T&C:
Order deadline is Sunday 24 October
Choose your preferred dispatch date: Thursday 28 October / Tuesday 2 November

Delivery will then be either same-day or next-day according to our delivery zones


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Here's a hearty soup that you'll love 🍜

Roasted tomato & pepper soup: Refreshingly light and bursting with heart warming flavours, this soup is packed with antioxidants.

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