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Menopause and the Workplace

Women and equalities committeeFirst Report of Session 2022–23 This report is what we have all been waiting for; recognition for menopausal women within the workplace, and the unfairness that we have faced. The report states as follows: “A 2019 survey conducted by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that three in five menopausal […]


July 28, 2022


Can stress be making my menopause symptoms worse?

What is stress? Stress is a natural reaction to a challenge or a demand and can be an important factor in enabling our body to respond and react appropriately to triggers. As an example, if we see or sense something that could hurt or harm us, we will run away or move away from that […]


6 April

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Do we need salt?

DO we need salt? The body contains many salts at a concentration of 0.4% of the body’s weight; so a person weighing 50kg will have 200g approximately. It is essential for bodily function at a cellular level. It is needed for the absorption of nutrients, digestion and transmission of nerve impulses. A healthy body is […]


23 December