Fat Loss Focus GOLD

Fat loss focus FLF programme A comprehensive and bespoke programme designed to help you to lose weight and body fat in a way that promotes healthy habits and weight loss for long term goals. My approach uses my knowledge as a food coach and a Level 3 Personal Trainer, to ensure that you have a tailored programme for you. I will coach and guide you to having a better understanding of how your body works and what it needs to drive change. I will help to motivate you to be consistent and provide you with accountability. Above all you will be working to change your mindset. This is NOT a quick fix. This is a commitment to yourself now and for the future. The programme is aimed at people who wish to embark on losing weight, losing fat and becoming more active, fitter and stronger. This is aimed at anyone who wants to dedicate some time to making changes. What will the course include: An Initial 60 minute consultation to set your goals, look at barriers and look at what motivates you. Regular check-in with these goals. Guidance and coaching around meal planning including education on nutrition and food; how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. This will focus around your exercise/training. Guidance on logging a food diary as well as some recipes. The food will take into account what you like to eat, family life and also the focus of your goals. Knowing your numbers and tracking matters because your goals are sort and time based. Food and calorie goals will change through the programme. A prescribed fitness plan which will be tailored and adjusted as the weeks go on and as your body changes. A weekly one hour PT session Daily diary log in and feedback. This will require you to log in information that will help support holistic health and ensure you are remaining accountable but also looking for trends and patterns. I will look at these and comment but these will feed into our weekly accountability. Weekly accountability to check in for 20 minutes each week. This is where we will look at the week.  Monitoring of weight and measurements- this may be daily or weekly and will be adjusted to enable us to monitor and meet your goals.  . Access to my Training club; an online platform with 11 weekly, live and on demand classes with me and a fellow specialist Personal Trainer. What will you need to do: Be committed to yourself Put yourself and your health first. Work with me to help you achieve realistic goals Be respectful to your body and mind and focus on your long term goal What will make this easier to achieve: Sharing with family members so that they can help you Making sure you identify and are realistic about your barriers Be willing to learn Take responsibility for yourself and your part in this programme and be willing to make changes What can you expect I will be supportive but realistic with you Your success is my success I will be committed to you as long as I can see that you are committed to the programme. I cannot do the work for you or make the changes but I will support you to help keep you motivated. I will educate you and help guide you. Minimum 6 months £1950 which can be paid monthly over 6 months

£325.00 / month for 6 months