Workshop with Juliana Alexander – Genetic Testing




23 Apr 2023




In person or Online

Workshop with Juliana Alexander – Genetic Testing

Nutritional Therapist, Juliana Alexander of NutriInsight, and Menopause Expert, Meera Bhogal will be holding a series of talks to help you explore and delve more deeply into your health and shed some light on your amazing body and how it works.

This is an incredible topic which can be life changing because it will help us understand how genetics can impact every aspect of our lives; how we metabolise food, what exercise works best for us, what our actual risks are for disease and what actions we take that can cause our cells most harm. Armed with this we can make choices to help improve our health in a measured and effective way.

DATE: 23 April 2023

TIME: 4pm – 6pm

TOPIC: Genetics – The Missing Piece

LOCATION: Woodrising, 125a Ducks Hill Road, Northwood, HA6 2SQ.  Event available via Zoom

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