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Baked aubergine with tangy tomato dressing

You can never go wrong with this beautiful combination of textures and flavours; the earthiness of the smoked aubergine balanced by the sharp sweetness of the tomatoes which is calmed only by the richness of the olive oil and the fresh coriander. A perfect accompaniment however I would give this pride of place as the main course.
Course Dinner, Main meals
Servings 1 person


  • 15 g tomato puree
  • 5 g garlic
  • 10 g coriander
  • ½ lime (juice)
  • 10 ml olive oil
  • 1 spring onion
  • 2 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 Aubergine


  • Bake the whole aubergine in the oven at 250°C for 25 minutes. In the meantime, make the dressing.
  • Once cooked, remove the aubergine from the oven. Allow to cool , slice in half length ways holding the stem, to butterfly the aubergine. Spoon the dressing on top and serve.

To make the dressing

  • Crush the garlic and finely chop the coriander and spring onion. Quarter the cherry tomatoes.
  • Add the rest of ingredients to a bowl and mix thoroughly.
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