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Thai green curry paste

Fresh, zingy, and everything a Thai green curry paste should be! We don't bulk our pastes out with water, sugar or preservatives so you get 100% of the flavour!

Once I started making my own Thai green curry paste, I realised how disappointing many commercial brands are. This is fresh and singing to the rooftops with flavour, leaving you wanting more! I use it with coconut milk for a curry or add water to loosen it for a light dressing which works particularly well with crab.

Each jar contains 180g Thai Green Curry Paste.

Organic coriander, organic spring onions, Thai basil, organic coconut oil, organic ginger, MCT oil, lemongrass, green chillies, organic garlic, kaffir leaves, organic cumin, organic lime, Himalayan salt

From: £7.00 / week