*Starting From Scratch Subscriptions

Fuelling your little one's creativity and love of cooking!

Made From Scratch is so excited to bring you our Starting From Scratch subscription boxes, fuelling your little one’s creativity and love of cooking by teaching them all about recipes and ingredients from around the world!

Inspired by my 20+ years’ experience with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), our kids’ boxes are filled to the brim with so much fun, from colouring to cooking, keeping your child engaged and learning all at the same time!

Like with all of our recipes, the ones in these kids’ boxes are also be gluten, dairy and refined sugar free – we want every child to experience the joy of yummy treats in a healthy and hearty way!

At the start of your subscription, your child will receive their very own map of the world to colour in and label throughout their cooking journey. Plus, they will receive a fact sheet about each country they are cooking from – perfect to inspire them to keep on learning…and cooking!

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A recipe card for this month’s recipe, lots of fun facts about this month’s country and key ingredient, an EYFS information card, and all of the dry ingredients needed to make the recipe! PLUS get a free large map and stickers included with any subscription of 3+ months!

From: £9.00 / month for 12 months