Sweet Treats

Nut & seed squares

The perfect balance of a soft textured base covered by a crisp smooth layer of our homemade dark chocolate. A bite size piece of pleasure!

I created these for my mum, who loves to eat something sweet after her meal. I combined all of the nuts and seeds that she likes and topped it with a velvety chocolate layer. I know now that when she eats a square she’s not only satisfying her sweet tooth, but is also getting lots of nutrients to help her brain, memory, bones, and immune health.

Each box contains 5 Nut and Seed Squares.

Activated organic tahini, organic raw cacao butter, organic coconut butter, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic hemp seeds, organic pecans, organic pistachios, organic hazelnuts, organic honey, organic maple syrup

From: £5.00 / week