Happy Tummy Tea

Refreshing and calming tea that helps with bloating and spasms.

I first formulated this blend because the digestive tea I used to drink stoppepd being produced. I then experimented with herbs and spices which were good for digestion to create this tea for myself. Most of the ingredients are very recognisable, but it is the way they are combined which gives the extra love that our digestion sometimes needs. It helps me with IBS symptoms such as bloating and abdominal spasms, and is a very calming drink. I drink this anytime of the day – in the morning with a slice of fresh lemon, or in the evening to replace the traditional tea or hot milk.

This organic tea is hand-blended, and the teabags are biodegradable, plastic-free and unbleached! Each teabag or teaspoon of loose tea will serve up to three cups.

Organic fennel seeds, ginger, cardamom seeds, organic cinnamon, peppermint, organic moringa, vanilla

From: £6.99 / week