Don’t Pause for Menopause September 2024


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16 Sep 2024




All women, but particularly those who are experiencing peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause

Don’t Pause for Menopause September 2024

A bespoke 8 week programme designed to coach perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women. Led by nutrition and wellbeing professionals, you will learn how to manage your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to feel confident, strong and happy in yourself!

Join a wonderful group of women to learn everything you need to know to manage a balanced and holistic lifestyle during the menopause. We tackle the symptoms you may experience during the menopause: 

  • Sleepless nights
  • Hot flushes
  • Weight gain 
  • Low mood and anxiety
  • Lack of concentration
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Hair loss
  • Skin troubles
  • Headaches and migraines

…and more (it’s important to note every woman experiences the menopause differently, hence education and understanding are key). 

We want you to know you’re not alone and everything you’re going through is normal. It is nothing to be ashamed of and with the right approach to your health and wellbeing, you can absolutely feel like yourself again.

Why Don’t Pause for Menopause? 

Don’t Pause for Menopause is the course our founder, Meera Bhogal, wished she had when she started to go through the menopause. Over 10 years ago, Meera started to feel very anxious, experienced terrible headaches and unwelcome, physical changes in her body too. She had no idea what was happening and was almost too embarrassed to speak to friends and family about it. At first, she thought she was unwell, that something was seriously wrong and the doctors were unsure too – they didn’t even consider menopause as a possible cause. 

What is HRT?

HRT stands for hormonal replacement therapy, designed to relieve symptoms of the menopause. It is a medical treatment which is prescribed by your doctor. 

Of course, there are many benefits to HRT and it helps so many women. Our programme complements your use of HRT by providing active learning, education and a toolkit to support you and your family through the menopause. 

What can be life changing is an understanding of how your body changes, mentally and physically, and what you can do, day to day, to manage your symptoms through simple and consistent approaches to your health and wellbeing. 

Don’t Pause for Menopause teaches you just that: 

  • What is the menopause and why does it happen?
  • What hormones? What do I need to know about hormonal health?
  • Why do I keep putting on weight? Why does my usual routine no longer work for me?
  • Why do I feel so bloated, but nothing has changed in my diet?
  • How do I prepare the right meals and snacks? What should I eat to help me?
  • How can I prevent the stress and anxiety that I’m feeling?
  • How can I sleep better and not feel so lethargic all the time? 

Don’t Pause for Menopause answers all of these questions and more!

What our clients say: 

Kiran is perimenopausal and was looking to change her life – read her story here!

Meet the experts!

Juliana Alexander (BAHons, DipION, mBANT, CNHC): Nutritional therapist, specialising in nutrigenomics, brain health, weight loss, weight management, gut health and women’s health.

Kamalyn Kaur: A a professionally trained, qualified and experienced Psychotherapist and Mindset Coach. She is a fully registered and accredited member of the BACP and BABCP.

Aria Antoniou:  Level 3 personal trainer, My mission is to help women feel strong, empowered, and confident. I strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where women and men can lose fat, build muscle, and make fitness a sustainable part of their daily routine.  I understand the importance of developing a strong mindset and increasing confidence in the gym, which is why I am committed to helping my clients achieve their goals.

Meera Bhogal: Foodologist, specialising in using organic, natural ingredients to promote gut health and wellbeing.

Dr Jaqueline Boden : GP and Menopause Specialist  – Dr Jacqueline Boden, an experienced NHS GP with a focus on Women’s and Psychological Health for the past 30 years, has been working as a Menopause Specialist since 2019. Initially working out of a large private menopause clinic, she now has her own CQC registered service, Lotus Menopause Care, offering video and telephone consultations (in person appointments can be arranged in both Stafford and Solihull if preferred) as well as delivering talks to community groups and businesses.

Dr Boden offers evidence-based advice following British Menopause Society guidelines on female hormones and assists individuals in making personalised choices to effectively manage their Menopause journey.


It is important to remember that female bodies use and process food in a unique way, which also affects the vital role that hormones play in all areas of the body. This is not just another diet, but a holistic and personalised programme to help you improve your hormone, bone and immune health, as well as lose body fat and energise your life.

Your eight week programme includes:

  • An online welcome pack with all of your learning materials 
  • 4 bespoke weekly meal plans
  • Weekly support to teach you how to create your own meal plans
  • 20+ recipes to kickstart your nutrition programme
  • 5 live and on demand daily exercise sessions every week
  • 1 weekly accountability session with Meera
  • All about menopause nutrition webinar with Juliana 
  • Gut health and the menopause webinar with Meera
  • Nutrition app tutorial and 1:1 support with the Meera’s Made from Scratch team 
  • Daily support and guidance from the team and your peers from the comfort of your phone!

….and so much more!

Our programme is designed with every individual woman’s needs in mind. We will tailor and adapt it to suit you as the menopause is experienced differently for every woman. We have one goal: to make you feel confident, assured and at your best and to know that you do not need to press pause for menopause! 


Additional costs that may be incurred throughout the course of the programme include a subscription (two months minimum) to the NutraCheck mobile app.

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