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Be Different

Today I was on a Leadership and Management course with my Oak Lee Management team. For those of you who don’t know me, I own two Nurseries and have a team of 45 wonderful people who work with me. The Management team is made up of 8 people, including me. We, as a team,  had […]


February 10, 2018

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Do you struggle to sleep?

So many of us struggle with sleep. Some of us drop off the instant our head hits the pillow but then we find ourselves awake and unable to fall back to sleep. Whilst for some getting to sleep is difficult. A lack of sleep or disrupted sleep can leave us feeling tired and frustrated. Tiredness […]


5 February


Sugar from a laymans perspective

Sugar from a laymans perspective This is an article I wrote based on research that I did to help me simplify the vast amount of information some of which is contradictory and confusing. This article is supported by a series of videos I have made on YouTube. Click on the icon above.  Sugar from a layman’s […]


1 February

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